New RED bags this Fall?

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  1. I just got some new Jessica Simpson cherry red shoes, and now I realize I need a red bag!

    Does anyone know of any upcoming red colored bags for the fall? I'm so close to buying a cherry sabrina but would like to wait if there's another style coming out.

    That cherry sabrina color is TDF though!! It would be great if Coach made more styles in that same color! :nuts:
  2. I'm with you! The only red bag I currently own is the red patent Ergo. I definitely need another because it's one of my favorite colors!
  3. Brooke in red color coming out in September. See the home page of Coach under news.
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    ^The red Ergo is nice too! So is the red peyton (hmmm). I need a nice red bag in my collection!

    I just saw pics of the new Lexi and Brooke. I think it was the quartz color. It's really pretty but more purply than red --not the color I'm looking for.
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    I just saw it, it does look reddish. I wonder if that's the burgundy color though...

    EDIT ~ Thought the color was burgundy but it's cranberry. Might be a perfect color!
  6. I would soooooo go for the Red patent Peyton!!! That bag is beyond HOT!
  7. red anything! LOL red bags are hott! if your js shoes are patent, i would go with a patent! if not i think the cherry sabrina is gonna be a top item for quite sometime!!! good luck on the quest!
  8. The red color for Brooke is actually Cranberry which will be released in September.
  9. i wanna see the shoes!!! :graucho:
  10. OH, I think the Sabrina in Cherry would be so perrrrrrrrrrfect with those shoes! Even if another bag comes out, go for the Sabrina. I think the Sabrina is a sexier style than the sneak peek new bags coming out, IMO.
  11. There are also the MFF red patent pleated totes right now, if you are near an outlet you could check them out.
  12. The red Egro sounds really nice... I love the ergo...
  13. My vote is for the cherry Sabrina. I was just holding mine the other day, thinking about what an incredibly versatile bag it is. I think it would love fabulous with your red shoes.
  14. Ooh! That's just in time for my birthday. :biggrin: