New Rebecca Minkoff coming!

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  2. This is great Brittany. Will the bags be posted on the site or do we have to call/email? Thanks again!
  3. Thanks knasarae for posting this, i had the exact same question on my mind as well! :tup:
  4. Hi Brittany and Welcome!

    I've been raving about you on the forum! Glad to see you here!
  5. Brittany emailed me the list:

    Pre-Spring (January):
    Dream Bag Marine/Cobalt
    Kiss and Makeup Violet
    Lex Cream/White Patent
    Lex Ruby/Gold
    Matinee Cream/White Patent
    Plan B Marine/Cobalt
    Rose Violet/Lilac
    Tryst Cream/White Patent
    Tryst Marine/Cobalt
    Tryst Ruby Prespring

    Spring 1 (February):
    Lex Gold/White Dot
    Dream Bag Gold/White Dot
    Kiss and Makeup Dusty
    Kiss and Makeup Night
    Kiss and Makeup Silver Spot
    Kiss and Makeup Tangerine
    Lex Fuschia
    Lex Night/Gold Crkl
    Lex Ocean
    MAB Night w/Gold Crkl Btm
    MABMini Tangerine
    Market Dusty
    Market Gold Crkl
    Market Ocean
    Market Tangerine
    Matinee Gold/White Dot
    Matinee Ocean/Gold Crkl
    Matinee Ruby/White Dot
    Matinee Violet/Lilac
    Nikki Gold Crkl
    Nikki Night
    Plan B Dusty
    Plan B Onyx/Charcoal
    Plan B Stone
    Plan B Tangerine
    Rose Dusty
    Rose Night
    Rose Ruby/White Dot
    Steady Dusty/Silver Spot
    Steady Night
    Steady Ocean
    Steady Stone
    Steady Stone/Tangerine
    Stud Gold Crkl
    Tryst Onyx/Charcoal

    Spring 2 (March):
    Get Away Satchel Night
    Get Away Satchel Night/Darkspot
    MAB Hazelnut
    Market Hazelnut
    Market Night
    Plan B Hazelnut
    Plan B Yellow
    Steady Night
    Stud Dark Spot
    Stud Jade
    Stud Night
    Stud Sterling
  6. Thanks for the posting! I see steady and new mini mab. Is plan B the new hobo from the spring pictures?
  7. ^^ I'm 99% sure it is
  8. What is the Nikki "Night"???? Is Night a style?? I see 'Rose Night'....maybe I need to do a search!
  9. Hi Again Everyone! I'm happy to see everyone is just as excited as me for these new bags to arrive! I have an availablity list that is posted, but if you are looking for a particular bag please call or email me and i will see what i can do about finding it for you! I am working on getting pictures from the new spring collection, but in the meantime you can visit to view styles and colors! I look forward to talking to you all soon!
  10. Woohoo I can finally get my steady bag!
  11. I was just at the minkoff web site and I didn't see any of the new styles or colors. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  12. ^^ If you go to that link, you can kinda figure out what's what
  13. ^^ you're welcome :biggrin: