New Quiz: Guess the Louis Vuitton Purse! (test your knowledge)

  1. Hello everyone!

    I made a new LV quiz for you guys. Because the last quiz was a success! (172 participants and counting)
    This one is to check our knowledge about the Louis Vuitton purses! This quiz contains all sorts of questions (including true or false)

    Fill in your TPF name as your name and post your certificate with your score in this thread!
    Good luck!


    Link to old quiz (#1):
  2. I got 412 out of 500 :jrs::wlae::whistle:
  3. I also scored 412..:biggrin:

    #14 question was kinda confusing.. coz the picture was Azur but the answer was Raspail?

    Thanks for making this 2nd quiz!:biggrin:
  4. i got 500 out 500 but i need to say that questions:# 8 and 14 both contain mistake responces, pls check it out
  5. Aaah thanks for saying! I meant Figheri ;$
  6. Thanks! Changed it into Tivoli GM and Figheri =)
  7. I got 353 out of 500 on BOTH quizzes. Guess I need to brush up.
  8. Hm, some of the answers don't seem to correspond to the pictures. One of the details shows the mono canvas but the correct answer is supposed to be MC?
  9. Oh, never mind...I should have read the question more carefully!
  10. I also received a 353 out of 500. Oops. I wonder if the SA working there take similar tests?....hehe!
  11. :ty:
  12. Hahaha they definitely should! XD Some SA's don't know anything about the LV styles ;o!
  13. 353 out of 500, but when I reviews my responses I realized I went too fast and read some questions wrong lol
  14. 324 out of 500...I totally read one of the questions wrong! I definitely need to brush up on my LV :biggrin:
  15. I got 441 out of 500! Woo hooo!