New Quilted Bags

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  1. the new quilted bags are up on!
    personally, i'm not too impressed..
    what do you think?
  2. I personally like the Linda quilted.....and maybe the those ugly scarf bags!!LOL!
  3. Not a fan. I think I am traumatized by the scarf bags. From now on I am going to hate everything until I see it in person. I am forever shellshocked by the sight of shiny cold vinyl LV bags.

  4. LOL SELENA!!!

    I called LV..the quilted Linda bag is 3400 and only in pink,The musette is 3300 and only in black...OUCHHHHH!!!!!! WAY TOO HIGH a price for this girl!!
  5. I'm not a fan. MJ is really just jumping on the bandwagon, isn't it strange enough his bags are quilted, and there are going to be quilted b-bags ?!
  6. I agree, I think he's trying a little too hard to succeed Karl Lagerfeld.
  7. i hope the mirroe bags won't be as disappointing as this..
  8. hehe i agree! i saw the fuschia charms pochette yesterday...imo so tacky looking!! vinyl?! i'll pass. :blink:
  9. Already posted.

  10. Not loving these, or the charms line either. Good, saves me money!! ;)
  11. the Gondole in pink would be kinda cute..
  12. I didn't like them when I saw the pics either. Having seen, touched and carried the Gondole though I am a convert - now only if I have CAD$3800 laying around...:sad2:
  13. I guess only the super rich are going to be purchasing these bags......they look snobby already!
  14. Uberdumb-You have seen these IRL? I called LV and they wont be out in the USA till mid-end of April..where did you see them and what did you think of each style??!!
  15. That's a no for me.