new questions ;) Itunes & cell phones? pg 2

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  1. Ok, how can I get a ringtone on my Verizon phone that isn't in verizon's database of ringtone options AND isn't a scam?

    Also, there's a song I want on my iPod and iTunes doesn't have it:sad: How can I get a non-iTunes song on my iPod?

  2. I usually get my iPod songs from Youtube... :p
    I download the video file [it's a FLV file] and then use a video converter to change the FLV file to an MP3 file. It's easier than it sounds... :yes:
  3. is that legal?
  4. Not sure, but I do it all the time too, especially if It's a song I can't find the anywhere else.

    And there's a way to make your own ringtones on your itunes with you already purchased music and then if your computer has bluetooth capability, you can send it to your phone from there, of course if your phone has bluetooth as well.
  5. No, only if it's placed on YouTube by the record company.
  6. I want the Sex & the City ringtone, verizon doesn't offer it and I'm a dingbat and slightly technologically challenged.
  7. Swanky...I used to have that on my old Verizon phone. I know I got it from Verizon as I have never downloaded anything. I hope you can find it!
  8. Do you know if your computer has blue tooth swanky? I could make it for you if you like, you would just download it and blue tooth it to your phone. I have to go run some errands right now, but I could definitely make it later :smile:
  9. my friends use that sometimes....
  10. If she has Verizon, that probably won't work. Verizon seriously cripples BT on their phones so you have to use their messaging and Get It Now programs :tdown:
  11. My daughter records it on her phone (with the record function) then saves it to her ringtones. She is a member here. I will have her PM you with instructions. She has made ALL her own ringtones from music she has loaded on her computer. As for your IPOD, you can download music from Limewire (just download the free software). Then drag and drop into your ITUNES. She can tell you how to do that too.
  12. I know that sending is really bad but I never really tried it from the computer when I had verizon so it might work.
  13. Nope. :nogood:
  14. Can give it a try but I won't be surprised if it doesn't work :sad: