New question: How to cancel reserve and get the fee refunded?!

  1. Hey all!

    You guys were all so helpful with my last question and now I have another that's related to my previous question.

    I really have noticed that my items without reserves are selling for a lot more, so I was wondering if it is possible to cancel a reserve on an auction and have the fee refunded?

    Also, eBay is not letting me make any changes right now because it's saying that I've listed too many items or something, anyone know when I will be able to make revisions again?

    Thanks all!
  2. Once you've tacked on those fees, they can't be taken away. But with that particular item, since you've reached the limit of changes you've made, I don't think you'll be able to do anything else to it until it ends and, if there are no bidders, you relist.
    This page might help:

    Also, here's what it says about limitations:

    Revision Limitations

    The information that you can revise in your listing depends on the time left before the listing ends and whether you have received any bids or sales. You cannot change the listing format (for example, you cannot change from an online auction listing to a Fixed Price listing). In addition, you are not permitted to extend the duration of a listing if more than two hours have passed since you submitted the listing.

    Note: Removing a bid does not enable you to revise the listing.
  3. If you item sells for your recerve price or more you will get credit back for the fees you paid. If not, you loose it.
  4. Yeah, you will not be able to cancel the reserve for credit. Sorry!