New Quest!!!! Scarf Hunt!

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  1. NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: This should be fun because you all get to shop with me!

    Okay, so in light of my new "Beauty Queen" and my recent "Prison Release" :roflmfao: it is the perfect time to go VINTAGE SCARF HUNTING :yahoo:

    So the bag details

    30cm Noisette Box Birkin with GH DATESTAMP E (Just like my name :yahoo:) That would date the bag to 2001.

    I would love to find a rare vintage scarf or plisse to go with this bag. It has to be right.

    What I'm looking for:

    Anything that will symbolize freedom!
    Anything with browns, golds, creams, nutmeg, Burgundy and so on
    It must be Vintage and rare!
    In great condition

    My details:

    I'm 5'1
    Tan skin
    Curly Blond hair
    Brown eyes
    My wardrobe consists of EVERYTHING!

    Here is a sample picture of the bag I will receive


    LET'S GO SHOPPING GIRLS!!!!!! :wlae:

    Attached Files:

  2. Oh, fun! And WHAT A NEW BIRKIN you've chosen to commemorate your release! Way to go, Baggs!!!

    Now, a few details, pls:

    Do you like or hate any themes? Horses, flowers, animals, water, etc.

    Does it HAVE to be vintage?

    Libre Comme L'Air comes to mind (free as the wind)...there is a black ground with LOTS of browns, golds, creams, etc....but it's not vintage, really.

    Let me see if I can find a pic...
  3. I am open to EVERYTHING Katel.

    Lets see that picture.

    I guess I can go for scarfs that are not so vintage. Let's see
  4. Hmmm...too much black perhaps, not enough "noisette" to key... but those birds are the right browns.....

    Libres Comme L'Air (courtesy of ATH database)
  5. Hummm,.. This reminds me of my ex and his brother. Birds of a feather flock together. :rotflmao:
  6. Where is that shopmom! :girlsigh:
  7. That is a beautiful scarf though.
  8. howzabout envol? it's tough to find it in colors other than the UN anniversary edition.

  9. Rare and Vintage because I want it to be "one of a kind" to me. I want to look at it and say "my PF friends helped me find and rescue this beauty and she is so precious and rare" Like all of you!
  10. Wow! :nuts: I like this one.
  11. How about Parures Oceans (2006) by Toutsy? It is shells which symbolize rebirth and comes in a beautiful tan colorway. Check for pictures.

    P.S. Gorgeous box birkin!
  12. Love the doves!!! Peace and freedom! :yahoo:
  13. ^^ I really like how the bird is holding onto the two birdies. It reminds me of my two kids and how I had to be there for them through all this.
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