New Quest!!!! Scarf Hunt!


SofaKing PuertoRican
Mar 6, 2006
NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: This should be fun because you all get to shop with me!

Okay, so in light of my new "Beauty Queen" and my recent "Prison Release" :roflmfao: it is the perfect time to go VINTAGE SCARF HUNTING :yahoo:

So the bag details

30cm Noisette Box Birkin with GH DATESTAMP E (Just like my name :yahoo:) That would date the bag to 2001.

I would love to find a rare vintage scarf or plisse to go with this bag. It has to be right.

What I'm looking for:

Anything that will symbolize freedom!
Anything with browns, golds, creams, nutmeg, Burgundy and so on
It must be Vintage and rare!
In great condition

My details:

I'm 5'1
Tan skin
Curly Blond hair
Brown eyes
My wardrobe consists of EVERYTHING!

Here is a sample picture of the bag I will receive




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Oh, fun! And WHAT A NEW BIRKIN you've chosen to commemorate your release! Way to go, Baggs!!!

Now, a few details, pls:

Do you like or hate any themes? Horses, flowers, animals, water, etc.

Does it HAVE to be vintage?

Libre Comme L'Air comes to mind (free as the wind)...there is a black ground with LOTS of browns, golds, creams, etc....but it's not vintage, really.

Let me see if I can find a pic...
Hmmm...too much black perhaps, not enough "noisette" to key... but those birds are the right browns.....

Libres Comme L'Air (courtesy of ATH database)
Rare and Vintage because I want it to be "one of a kind" to me. I want to look at it and say "my PF friends helped me find and rescue this beauty and she is so precious and rare" Like all of you!