New Pyramid or Sloane?

  1. Which should I get? :confused1: New Pyramid (which comes with a zip) or Sloane (no zip)? Which do you think looks better, and which is more user friendly? Do you think BV will eventually phase out the Sloane with the New Pyramid? I have tried the Sloane IRL and love it (it is just right for carrying on my shoulder - feels safe and secure even without zip). Does the New Pyramid fit snugly in the same way as the Sloane? TIA.
  2. Minda,I have both. They fit equally well on the shoulder and are equally comfortable both on the shoulder and in the crook of your arm. I feel the sloane is secure in it's closure but if you're traveling/commuting a lot the zipper on the pyramid would be even more secure. The pyramid has a cell phone pocket; the sloane does not.
  3. What! You have both??? Lucky you :nuts:!