New pyramid - advice please.

  1. Hellow....
    I am quite new in this thread. I currently do not own any BV bags although I have one of their wallets, a pair of their shoes and one knot clutch. ;)

    I am looking at buying a BV before this year ends. Heehee. After looking at jane's pictures of her new pyramid and some of your comments on the new pyramid, I am so in love with that bag.

    Question is: what colour should I get it in? I already have bags of other brands in the classic black, dark brown and light brown colours. I am worried that getting a seasonal colour will mean that - it's just a seasonal colour.

    Also, I am getting confused. How many sizes of the new pyramid are there? I called up the boutique in Singapore and they told me they only have the small size. When I called up the boutique in HK, they said they have small and medium.

    Appreciate any comments/feedback etc. Thanks much!
  2. Hi kopibaby, welcome, tho' I must warn you, you'll get very addicted to BV.... actually, my addiction to BV increased 10-fold when I come on board this sub-forum !!!:smile:

    You are doing well, to be choosing a Pyramid as your first BV (at least in my opinion!). Yes, this bag is gorgeous, all the more after Jane modelled it for us!

    I didn't know that it comes in medium and large. From the one I saw in the boutique (I'm in Spore too), I'm quite sure that's the small and I'm sure Jane has the small too.

    I too called the boutique yesterday and they confirmed that for Singapore, they only have the Pyramid in Noce (brown) and Ebano (dk brown). TPF'er, nizlay, however did mention to me that she remembered seeing a Pyramid in Carmine (red) in the States (or did she say a Campana??!!).

    Well, I guess if you are getting it in Singapore, you don't have many options.

    Remember to follow through on your post and let us know and see what you ultimately get!

    Good luck and enjoy getting your first BV (definitely not the last, I can bet!).
  3. Hi mlbags,
    Thanks for your comments! Yeah, I have been procrastinating on a BV bag purchase because I know that I am gonna get addicted like crazy. And judging from my past track record, I definitely wont win the first prize in self-control.:hrmm:

    I am actually planning to get it in HK coz will be making a trip up. Prices are cheaper than compared to Singapore. The pyramid is about SGD400 cheaper! :wtf: That's how much more Singaporeans are paying in Singapore!

    If you want and trust me, I can buy back something for you too! :p
  4. kopibaby, I will let you know if I have something in mind (perhaps one of their many small accessories). Thanks so much for your offer. Yes, it's cheaper by 10-15% in HK, and in Jakarta too. DH was there but I didn't get him to pick up anything cos' I had no intention of wanting anything specific then.

    You know, now that I did some research, BV is truly rather expensive in Singapore which now makes me reluctant to buy from the boutique. I bought a Roma in Singapore. Do you know I could have saved up to S$1k if I were to have bought it overseas!

    I did just confirmed purchase of a lovely brand new BV in Ottone on eBay. A model that was hard to find. This will be my first foray into eBay and please wish me that nothing more will go wrong in my transaction. Already, I had so much problems trying to pay via PayBid and PayPal. In the end I had to pay by wire transfer today. I'll definitely post when I do finally get the bag.

    You have a wonderful trip to HK. They have a BV boutique at the airport too - would it be cheaper at the airport than in HK town? The Campana at the airport is about S$2.9k, against $3.3k in Singapore.

    If you were to ask me, yeah, get the New Pyramid, it's gorgeous, really!

  5. I received an email from my BV SA recently who told me that the new pyramid only came in Noce, Morro and Ferro this season. But Ferro is sold out world wide. Both the other colours are really lovely, I want this bag to be my next BV too, but am waiting for next seasons colours. Good luck on your purchase!
  6. mlbags,
    just lemme know when you decide on what you wanna get. am only going in dec so you still have time to think over. just planning in advance and saving up for the purchase!

    jakarta is cheaper?!?!? i thought singapore is the cheapest in southeast asia coz of the lowest import tax that we have? thats weird. coz i have indonesian frens coming to sg to buy branded stuff. i should have just gone to check it out coz i was just in jakarta recently! :sad:

    i tink its the same price in hong kong airport and hong kong downtown coz hong kong is sales tax free mah. so dont think there will be a difference in prices...but to be sure, i will call up the airport boutique to ask. hehehe
  7. syma,
    thanks for the information!

    anyone knows when the next season colours will be available? am hoping that i can lay my hands on one in dec!
  8. *praying for mlbags *
    *praying for safe journey of her BV*
  9. hi kopibaby, i live in hong kong. there's no price difference between BV airport and BV stores.
    you should check out the new big BV stores, either the one in Harbour City, or the one in the Landmark.

    Harbour City is on the kowloon side, nearest MTR is TST, and you can't miss it, it's a huge shopping mall.

    I prefer the Landmark. Which is in Central, Hong Kong. the new boutique is on the ground floor and full of lovely things to fondle and admire.

  10. hello MrsDIY,

    thanks for the info! appreciate it!
    ok! will definitely make time for these two malls. i wasnt keen to go hong kong actually (its for work!) but then i decided to extend my stay and then the thought of getting a BV now actually makes me look forward to the trip! :yahoo:

    I cant wait! i just hope that there will be nice colours when i am there...
  11. kopibaby, planning a BV buying trip makes any work related travel a pleasant blur! I plan my buying trips around work trips and conferences (one is conveniently in Las Vegas every year!); tends to make the boring hours pass by much faster! Here's hoping for a kaleidescope of colors and styles when you get to HK, and maybe a year end sale, too!
  12. Thank you for your nice comments about my photos! I love my Pyramid, it's sitting right here next to my laptop as I type.

    I was unaware that more than one size existed for this bag. It is comparable to the Sloane in size, though not as "fat" or wide. It is super roomy inside and just a great size and shape for almost anyone, IMO. Very slouchy when broken in, and the handle is not as wide as the Sloane or Ball, so it can be easily carried in hand as well as on the shoulder.

    It is made of nappa umbria leather, and because of that, colors are limited to Noce and Moro right now. Personally I am very fond of BVs neutral or classic colors, so I'd recommend either of those, especially Noce!
  13. Is the ferro pyramid sold out worldwide at the BV boutiques? I wonder if it's available at any of the department stores. Has anyone seen them in the US?

    kopibaby I would go with ebano for your first BV. Ebano is stunning and is BV's signature color. It is timeless and seasonless. I would also try out other styles when you get to the boutique. Be sure to post pics! :tup:
  14. Ouija - you are right! the thought of being able to pick up a BV while on a working trip certainly suddenly makes the trip something to look forward to! :drool: and yeah! i forgot about the year end sales! hopefully i will lay my hands onto something.

    when are you going to las vegas again? i will be making a trip there in may/08 for a conference. we can go shopping together if the timing is the same!!:wlae:
  15. Mystiletto -

    Thanks for your thoughts! Ebano is a classic colour for BV and I like it a lot :love:. The wallet that I have is in Ebano and it will be nice to have a New Pyramid to match the wallet! ;)

    The only reason why I was considering other colours is because I already have a dark brown YSL Muse, a dark brown Gucci & a dark brown Tods. :shame: That was why I was considering other colours.

    However, you do have a very valid point in that Ebano is really very nice! I will definitely get that if there are no other rainbow colours for me to choose from. I am sooooo excited! :wlae: