New Putty Stam BROKE!

  1. A few of you may remember i managed to track down a brand new putty stam two weeks ago with the help of Jamie from Nordstrom Bellevue.

    Well, i took my bag out for the second time yesterday and one of two of the rivets holding the frame in place broke!!!:shocked:

    I was furious and dissapointed all at the same time! I really loved the putty stam and if not for the putty color, i would never have bought the stam.

    All after all the money you spend on a bag, paying full retail on it, you would think the quality of luxury goods can be trusted.

    Now, putty stam is NOT available anywhere anymore. Do i return it and forget about it for good or send it out for repairs and wait two months for it. Of course, there are not extra costs involved and jamie was really helpful and promised all charges will be beared by Nordstrom.

    I hate it when this happens. I don't really want to spend so much money on a faulty and repaired new bag. But i love the color so.:sad:
  2. Sad, that's like my car when it was new and the door malfunctioned. If you love fix it, otherwise return it.
  3. i'm so sorry to hear about your bag!

    i would send it out for repairs, esp if i loved the color and knew i couldn't find it elsewhere.
  4. I just purchased the black stam myself today (at NM in NJ, so I missed the incredible NYC sale :sad: ). It is such a beautiful bag and I love it so much that I totally understand your disappointment. Plus, no one should spend that much and have it break. If you really love it, then get it repaired. The two months will go by so quickly while you use your summer-only bags that you'll be so glad you did when you get it back. Plus, it will feel even extra-special and new when you receive it again. Good luck with your decision and your waiting!
  5. Putty is very hard to find, if you can't bear to be without her fix her, like cs06 said 2 months will just fly by. But if there's any doubt in your mind send her back for good.
  6. Luna,
    I know the place personally where Nordstrom sends most of their handbag repairs. It is called Extra Care Handbag repair. They are excellent, I have dealt with them many times. I don't know if they repair the stams, but my guess is they do. If so, then it won't take that long. If they send it to MJ, then it might. FYI, here is the info for Extra Care Handbag Repair in case you'd like to contact them:

    Extra Care Handbag Repair
    1029 S 146th St.
    Burien, WA 98168

    Since I am in the area, I'd also be willing to help you expedite this. Contact me via PM and I will give you my email address. Don't give up that bag. You tried too hard to find it. You can get her fixed and she'll be as good as new.
  7. Sorry to hear that! I agree with the others: send it out and get it fix. If you don't like it anymore in the future, you can always resell it to recoup your $$ (+ pain and suffering!) as the Putty is so hard to track down! :graucho:
  8. I am also leaning towards sending it for repairs and see how the end results turn out. I am really disappointed with the quality of the MJ Stam though. I do not know about the rest of the bags, i'm sure some are really well made. Maybe its just my luck.
  9. The quality of my Stam isn't that great either. One of the handles has a small little bit of wire poking out from under the leather. It's not extremely noticeable but every time I look at the handle, I just see a huge silver dot that bugs me. I just can't return it though. I got the last one at the MJ store. I'd say send it out for repairs. Putty is such a pretty color.
  10. I've never had any problems with my stam bags. I'm sorry you are having issues. I love my putty stam so I say get the repairs. If it can't be repaired completely, return it.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your Stam, luna_. If you love the bag, definitely send it out for repair. In the larger scheme of things, two months is nothing, and the wait will be well worth it for a bag that you love and are planning to carry many times. Good luck.
  12. A few years ago, I bought an lavender MJ Cammie at Saks. The second time I used it, the zipper pull came off! I took it back and they gave me another, but being that's the Stam isn't available I would definitely repair it! Hope it works out! :smile:
  13. Thank you everyone for your encouraging advice. I have decided to send my broken stam out for repairs and see what happens. :huh:

    I hope they'll do a good job of it. I do not want to lose this bag.:sad:

    Did anyone have any problems with repairs at the MJ Store? I've heard that bags take 2 months to be repaired as they are being sent back to italy. I hope it won't come back badly scratched.:shocked:
  14. That is so sad!! You are lucky you bought it at Nordstroms. They are the absolute best place to buy from as they return and fix any and everything. There Customer Service is unparalled.

    Best of luck in what you decide.
    I personally would send it in for repairs if you truly love it. Ask if they will offer some sort of discount for your troubles. They might take 20% know know and it doesnt hurt to ask!

  15. You're right! They are absolutely the best! They were so helpful and nice and polite. You don't get a lot of service like their's nowadays. i'm really glad i bought it from them.

    I've asked if they would consider a discount, but the manager said because it can be repaired, therefore, no discount.:sad: