New purses on Let-Trade - Cerises Speedy

  1. Just thought I'd pass on that there are two cerises speedys on Let Trade. I know some of you have been looking.

    Happy shopping!
  2. wowsa....he has graffiti speedys too! Thank goodness the silver is too used for my liking....phew! Saved me some money!!!!!!!!!
  3. i know! both cerises speedys are in great condition!! too bad i don't want one that much! :S
  4. Yea, both seem to be in mint condition with VERY minor flaws! :yes: No cherries rubbing off at all! I wonder how much are they. PFers, get them! ;)
  5. I saw the graffiti speedies too. The khaki seems to be in better condition than the silver. The silver has a bit too many rub-offs. That's what bother me most. :P
  6. Oops, saw the price now! Quite a great deal!
  7. Yah, the silver Graffiti Speedy was not in very good condition. Every time I see a Graffiti Speedy that super used, I feel so lucky that I was able to buy one that was brand new from LT.
  8. ^^ Yea, lucky you! I love your graffiti speedy too. I think the rub-offs would be especially obvious on silver than khaki.
  9. Yah, very true. On the silver it looks like black spots. LOL.
  10. Someone has to get these now!

    I really want that vanilla epi speedy! If only I had the money!
  12. Did they add MORE stuff? I have to go look
  13. Wish the graffiti speedy was in better condition...

    I was thinking about the vanilla epi speedy too...but I wish that was in better condition too...
  14. the cherry speedy..but..the handle is so dirty :sad:
  15. decision decision