New Purses for the Month of January

  1. Ok. I was supposed to be on a purse ban but I really wanted to get these 4 purses so I bought it. These past few weeks I went crazy :hysteric:

    PF got me really hooked on LV. But anyway, here they are my 4 purses for the month of January!!

    The first picture is my brand new LV, the 3 other
    purses are preloved (used) except I'm still waiting on one more purse.

    I would like to thank John 5 and the rest of the PF members who helped me authenticate these preloved purses. I also had Carol Diva authenticate them.

    First, here is the picture of my brand new purse bought at Valley Fair LV boutique.
  2. And Here's the 2 preloved LV purses.. I'm waiting on one more.

    For the month of January, I got denim baggy pm (new), epi noe red (used but really good condition), mini mono josephine pm in navy (almost new), and the other purse I'll post it when it arrives.:yahoo:
  3. Very nice congrats and enjoy them
  4. they are so nice!!!
  5. congrates loves them all
  6. congrats nice purchases!
  7. They look GREAT!!!! I can't wait to see modeling pics!!! :biggrin:

    Oh and you're very welcome! I'm glad that you got the Josephine and Epi Noe bags after all!
  8. That denim peice is too cute, I cant take it!
  9. Congrats!!! YAY! I just got the same bag 4 weeks ago from my BF! I LOVE IT! :heart: Such a hot bag!
  10. that's cool! which purse though?:smile:
  11. I just realized not only did u get the Baggy PM but all your new babies.. Love them all!
  12. LOVE the denim Baggy!
  13. Sorry I jumped the gun.. The Baggy PM I was referring to... I got so excited!
  14. what a lucky girl you are! baggy pm is one of my favorite :graucho: .
  15. You are really good at authenticating LV purses. My SA was suprised to see me with another purse that I didn't buy there. She said that it was a good deal and that whoever authenticated it through pictures really knows LV. So thank you so much :smile: .