New Purse!

  1. SO I finally received my Azur Damier Speedy 25 from Eluxury. It's sooo beautiful, but.... I think it's going to be too small for me. *sigh* after all this stalking, and hunting, and waiting... = (

    I think I should return it, and get a larger bag... So pretty though...AHH I'm so tempted to keep it AND get another one...but I CAN'T!!! (I have to keep telling myself that.)

    So off to elux it shall go..
  2. I did the reverse. I got the Daimer Speedy 30. It seemed really big to me. I sent it back and got the 25. I am thrilled with it. I considered getting both, but then I thought that they are basically the same bag, one's just a touch bigger. It is a preference thing. If you are not comfy with it, get one that you will be. You can always get another one later. Or get them both. :devil:
    The Azur is a beautiful bag. 25, 30, all of them.
  3. Oh you will definitely have a blast w/Azur Speedy 30! Own one and :heart: it :yes:, what about Azur Saleya if you want a shoulder tote:graucho: :devil:
  4. ah sorry that its too small! I love the 25 size, the 30 is just huge for me! I hope you can the 30 soon! x
  5. I did the same thing. I ordered a 25 & felt it was too small. I returned it to get the 30 & find that it's a much better fit for me. The 30 is easier to get in & out of.
  6. It's so crazy that 5cm makes such a difference, isn't it?
    I tried on the 30 at the LV boutique and felt so "look at me" with it.
    I just got my azur 25 and in the words of Goldilocks, it's just right!
  7. After owning a mono speedy 25 as well as Cerises I am definitely more of a fan of the speedy 30. I got that size in Azur and it is a great size. I may send mine back to Elux tho cause I'm just not really feeling the print of it. I bought other white bags recently too- white multicolore speedy, miu miu coffer, and white suhali- and am afraid the Azur will get neglected as a summer bag. Very cute tho!
  8. aww. i have the azur 25 and LOVE IT. i think you should keep it. lol. ^^
  9. I'm really dying to get a Damier Azur Speedy 30 too!!!!
  10. i have an azur speedy 25, and i prefer that size... i think it looks better on me. as others have said, it is a bit harder to get in and out of... and the 30 would probably be better for that reason. i think i may get a speedy 30 (possibly mini lin) in the future
  11. The only 25 I have is my Cerises, but the rest of my speedies are all 30's. IMO 30 is a much easier bag to carry. If you feel like 25 is too small, get 30. You'll love it!
  12. Sorry it's too small! I hope you get the 30 soon! It's a great bag!
  13. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Hope the 30 is a better fit!
  14. Change it for the 30 and be happy:smile:
  15. aw no that its too small!! If i were you i would change it for the 30, i had exactly the same problem when getting my Speedy in mono and i ended up with the 35 because i cart around soooooo much stuff.

    hope the 30 works out for you hun!