New Purse Time! Help me choose!!!!

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  1. Which one would you choose?? I need a good tote for work but something sort of neutral and fashionable as well. All around the same price. Thx in advance.

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  3. I like #3 the best! Pretty leather and color!
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  4. That’s the one I was leaning towards as well that electric blue is speaking to me lol
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  5. Agreed - #3. :smile:
  6. I would go for #2.
    Since you are looking for a bag that would serve you on a daily basis, go for a color that is easy to plan an outfit around.
    #3 is a true beauty in color, I fell in love with a blue bag as well. However, if you wear color, you might find it difficult to match.

    P.S: Take a look at Zadig & Voltaire Candide bags.
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  7. blue is beauty. #3 #GoForIt
  8. All three are nice! The blue leather is stunning, the all brown bag looks like coated canvas (?) (it would sustain all wet weather), but to be honest, I really love the denim logo bag. I love the idea of denim and brown together, and denim seems to be less common. Just my two cents on the matter.

    Update us as soon as you choose!!
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  9. upload_2019-8-1_0-5-58.jpeg
    I ended up with this beauty! I’m so in love! For the price I HAD to have it! If the blue is still available in a month I’m def getting it
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  10. Gorgeous!!! High fives on a deal too!!! I love a structured purse, I think it will work great for you, love the bright color!
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