New Purse Reveal

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  1. So I did end up going to Coach and I got something.....
  2. Ooo! Let's see!
  3. Wow, that was faaaaast, lol! Can't wait to see!
  4. Let's c!!
  5. oh a live one but im at work some i might not get to see pics
  6. I want to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I was at the flagship and I was on overload... they had pretty much EVERYTHING!

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  8. Ohh what'd ya get??!
  9. But I decided.... to just get something small for now
  10. Open that baby up!!!
  11. :whistle:
  12. Such as....

    The Poppy Groovy in the purplicious color! :biggrin:

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  13. It's just what I need because I tend to load my big purses up and then my shoulder goes numb lol This way, I can have a small purse that I can limit how much I carry.
  14. I like the color!!! :biggrin: congrats!!!!
  15. Very cute! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: Congratulations!

    (for some reason she reminds me of grape bubble gum, lol)