new purse obsession..

  1. I would like to apologize if this is in the wrong place. I tried to look through everything to make sure I didn't offend anyone.

    About 2 years ago I purchased my first designer bag, Coach. I bought it at an outlet and thought oh this is just a once in a while thing. Now 2 yrs later, I find myself reading about and obsessing about different purses. I guess for a 27yr old I should know better, but I graduate from college and I would like to learn more about how to pick a designer, what to look for in a purse, and what is the right purse for a business environment. I graduate in May and I am going into the Finance world where everyone wears suits (I just bought a first suit last week).

    Where do I start? How do I know what designer is for me? I really am fond of croc purses for work and I've been fond of the color red which probably doesn't go or sounds insane. For instance.. I can see myself wearing a suit with a red purse.

    I don't know if I came to the right place or what, but I have to start some place.

    Thank you for reading! :yahoo:
  2. Red is my absolute favorite color! I think a red bag would look great with a grey or black suit and matching red heels! Maybe even some red jewelry...a pin on the lapel of the suit, etc....but nothing too large. Good luck!
  3. Have you seen the subforum the Purse Blog, yet? Yesterday Megs posted a new bag called the D'angel Tia Tote. It seems to fit your's red, gorgeous, professional-looking, and although it's not croc, it's snake or lizard.

    You also might want to consider something from LV's Epi line in red.
  4. Hi Stella!

    First of all - red purse with a suit = awesome. It will show your personality way more than a black bag.:yes:

    Secondly, my advice to you is to start out with the lower-end of the price spectrum on bags. Coach is a great starter brand. I treat all of mine like crap and they still look great.

    Style-wise, you'll probably make a few "mistakes" - bags you buy because you like them and think you'll use them a lot and then never carry for one reason or another. I still do this every once in awhile, but with much less frequency. This is why I advise you to start out with bags that have smaller price tags. Makes it less painful ;)

    Good luck!
  5. Welcome. You sound like me! You'll find yourself getting obsessed with this place and before long, you'll be answering your own question many times over! I suggest you look at the many pictures tPFers put up, search threads to answer some of your questions and buy from websites with good return policies. Happy hunting!
  6. Welcome to the forum Stella! A red purse would be great - it adds a nice color pop to any outfit. Balenciaga has some great reds! :tup:
  7. Welcome Stella.

    I would go to a high end department store or a mall with several designer boutiques in it to look, feel and try on bags. See if you like any of them. Then come back to tPF to see what members say about (likes/dislikes) your favourites. Then go back and visit your shortlisted bags to see how you feel about them. Lastly buy from a store/website with a good return policy.
  8. In addition to the wonderful advice already suggested, I recommend doing research in the "authenticate this" thread of whatever brand you're considering. If you're buying from a reputable retailer (department store, etc) authenticity isn't an issue, but from time to time you may fall in love with a bag that's no longer available in stores and you'll turn to eB@y. There are some very knowledgeable and helpful people in the Authenticate This area who really know their stuff.
  9. I think the Red Epi Speedy (LV) is a great bag choice!
  10. I used to carry a red bag to work all the time, but I thought it was a little too flashy. I swapped it out for a more muted red - a really rich blood red that was still bright enough to add some pop to my wardrobe, but didnt scream "Look at my giant red bag!" - for the thousandth time Ill pass on what I heard from Fashion TV, my first ever fashion advice! They said a bold woman carries a brightly colored bag (they used red in the demo) because it says she has taste and enough money to buy an accessory in a non-neutral color. I always remembered that!
  11. Welcome! I'm sure a lot of us know how it is to wonder what the heck happened to our reasonable, non-accessory-obsessed selves. At least I do...
    I like the suggestions made here, and I'm going to have to throw in a vote for my first high end purse love, Bottega Veneta. They do some amazing reds and are very classy for work. Have fun!!!

  12. Thank you so much for your advise and I think you are right about starting out with a cheaper brand. I've had a few mistakes already and the price isn't much for most of the people on here, but $200-300 is a lot for me. I'm considering selling them and just getting something I would wear after a little bit of research. I got a little insane after my first purchase lol

    I learned a lot from the 6 bags I bought in the last 2 yrs .. I realized I it's quality over quantity that matters and I need a bigger purse!

    anyway, thanks again! :wlae:
  13. Gosh I am so happy to read all your advise! I have read so much so far and can't wait to afford my first really nice purse.. I'm going to continue getting the lower end $1000 and under until I land a better job.

    You guys are a wonderful inspiration! Thanks again!!!!!:yahoo: