New purse deserves a New PHONE! - I-phone that is!

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  1. And can I just say, the I-phone looks beautiful in my black leather Hamptons carryall!!!! I couldn't continue carrying the same ugly phone in my beautiful new purses! So hubby capitulated (ie gave in - gave up and most importantly gave ME) the new I-Phone!

    ~How did I live without you....~ sorry that song is going off in my head! I love it love it love it!

    Just had to share - it's my little accessory to my new purse :smile: Not Coach, but Coach worthy!
  2. This will get moved but I'll congratulate you before it does as I don't venture into the general discussion forums everyday. I hope you love it! I myself am waiting for a Blackberry as I don't venture away from Verizon or else I'm left with no coverage at my old house (which will probably be my current house again soon).
  3. My husband bought himself and my daughter new Ipod touches recently. Then like two days later, he decided that he loved the Ipod touch so much that he HAD to have an Iphone. It worked for me, too, because not only did I inherit his practically brand new all souped up Razr, but I also got his Ipod touch!!! They both look great in my bags too. Oh, and he is OBSESSED with that Iphone - you're going to love it!
  4. don't tease me!!! my iphone screen shattered! :sad: