New purse and a question!


May 5, 2008
Hi girls! I haven't been paying much attention to my Coach addiction for a bit now, but I think i've swung back into the hang of it again :graucho:

Yesterday I posted about my Dillards deal.

And today I got in my Kahki/Chocolate Ergo Pleated Satchel. :yahoo:

I have been lusting after this purse since it came out!

So it started last Saturday when I took my medium Carly that was fraying, and the SA told me I could exchange for anything(s) up to the amount of the purse (or pay anything over) and they didn't really have anything I liked. So she said she could order the satchel for me.

Fast forward to today! I was excited to get it (it shipped from another store to my house) and was going to do an elaborate reveal, but the box was crushed horribly and the purse was only protected by its own dustbag and a surrounding of coach tissue paper.

Now to my question---Are the stores suppossed to wrap it up and box it up to send to someone house?? or is that only Jax?

Anyways, im super excited to have her! I was very iffy, because she only 'sorta' fit good on my shoulder, but after wearing her for a bit, she's perfect!! So I cut the tags, and switched to carry her for a while.

Without further ado--the pic of my new baby (even though I know she's old news to you guys) hope you aren't sick of looking at them though! lol

(sorry bout the crappy pic, took it with my iphone)



But it was on sale!
Mar 9, 2007
South Jersey
^^ Idk for sure but it seems like it would be common sense to properly wrap/protect a bag before shipment. I love the bag, the framed Ergos are so pretty.

No Cute

cupcake butt
Aug 17, 2008
No way could anyone get sick of looking at this style!!! Your new purse is fabulous! Congrats!
Mar 19, 2008
hmmm everything I have had the store shipped to my home is always nicely packed and gift wrapped? Did you ask for gift wrapping at the store?


Jul 31, 2008
The bag looks great!!! And come to think of it so does the picture seeing you took it with a cell phone...I do that all the time because I'm too lazy to pull out the real camera, lol.


May 5, 2008
pop thanks girls! I didn't ask for it giftwrapped, I guess I assumed they just wrapped it up nice. Guess I was dissapointed because the box was VERY crushed and part of the leather trim was too. Nothing I couldn't fix, but still, you ould think they would wrap a purse that cost that much ( and is so darn pretty!LOL )
Anyways, thanks for the nice comments, I will have to post modeling pics!


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Sep 1, 2007
When its shipped from another store mines are wrapped up in a gift box since they don't have the blown up air bags JAX uses to protect the bag. And i never bother to ask for it to be gift wrapped, it already came like that. So i think it depends on the store.