New purple Tayten clutch

  1. I wasn't sure if I'd like this bag or not, but after seeing it IRL I love it! The purple color of the leather is so pretty, not really dark like the purple mahala looks. I'm not a big fan of the Choo multi color bags, but I love the orange and purple together for fall. This is a smaller clutch than the electric blue Marin I got and I must admit...I like this size much better. I can't believe this originally sold for $750. tho! It had the original price tag from Saks on it so for a little over $200. it was a nice find.:smile:
    new choo 004.jpg new choo 005.jpg
  2. WOW Jmcadon

    That bag is really hot and you can't beat the price!!! Nice Score:yahoo:
  3. Great color combo and great price! Congrats!!!
  4. OMG i love that!!!!!!!!
  5. That bag is so perfect and fun for Fall, I love it! :heart: And what a GREAT deal....enjoy! :woohoo:
  6. :drool: me want!!!! is beautiful :girlsigh: CONGRATS!!!:tup:
  7. Thanks Choo girlfriends! I'm liking this bag more all the time. It's kinda small, but it holds my wallet(J Choo of course!), keys, lip gloss, compact, gum and a pen. Unlike every other person on the planet, I do not carry a cell phone with me. I leave it in my car for emergencies only!
  8. Jmcadon - That is a great clutch! I love the vibrant color combo, and I had to do a double take when I read how much you paid for it. What a steal! Congratulations :yahoo:
  9. what an adorable bag!
  10. i love it! do u know where i can find one nowadays?
  11. eBay. I have seen a couple in the last year. It is from 2006, I think so that is probably the only place...
  12. Nice bag, the colors are great -- another great find!! Way to go - congrats!!:tup:
  13. You're on a roll baby!!! That's gorgeous.....yummy yummy yummy ! :drool::heart:
  14. Way to go girl! Congratulations! Purple is my fav color so I think it is grand!
  15. I actually don't have this anymore. I sold it to a wonderful purse obsessed gal on *bay!