New Purple Chanel....

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  1. Okay, I had no intentions of buying anything while I was visiting my girlfriend in Seattle, but my girlfriend LOVED this purse and FORCED me to buy it!!!! :graucho: Just kidding, but she really egged me on and I have no willpower. I am suppose to be on a purse ban because I have spent WAAAAYYYYY too much money on purses these past few months. :nuts:

    I know a lot of you don't care for this purse, so maybe you guys can talk some sense in me and tell me I should return it.:yes:

    Honest answers please....what do you think???????
    IMG_2060.JPG IMG_2063.JPG IMG_2045.JPG
  2. And a couple more....
    IMG_2042.JPG IMG_2032.JPG
  3. Personally, I love the color and how it looks on you (I know, that's not helping!). Are you happy with the style and will you use it? Then keep it. :yes:
  4. I think it looks cute on you. It works.
  5. Thank you Sue!

    I actually love the purse, but I love LOTS of purses and at some point you just have to stop. My friend told me I should stop after this purse..... but of course she would say that since she's the one who made me look in Chanel when I'm on a ban!
  6. Well, truth be told...if I saw you wearing it I would knock you to the ground and wrestle it away from you. I think it is amazing! Looks great on you. Oh, and I would not really try to steal it.:ninja:
  7. Oooh, the new Violet Lady Braid!!heart:
    It looks fabulous on you! It looks a lot better on than I thought!:yes:
  8. as the ladies have already said - it looks really good on you!
    keep it! btw what was the price tag on that? if you can squeeze it in, you should
  9. I know this doesn't help, but it looks GREAT on you!!! I too was on a purse ban and I still have one with it's tags on but I can't get myself to take it back!

    Your new purse is sooo cute on you!! I think it's a keeper! (Now I want one)
  10. I really love it! The color is beautiful and it looks great on you! I wasn't a huge fan of the lady braid and I think your pics just converted really does look stunning in this color and style!
  11. It looks fabulous on you- keep it, it's a stunner!
  12. I just got minetoo!!!! Today in the mail. My SA at NM sent it to me, and I need to decide whether to keep it or exchange it for the Violet flap. I like it, but I'm not sure about the color of it. Seems kind of washed out in some places almost.
  13. It's so purty on you! =)
  14. Jayne- Thank you!!;)

    Irishgal- I'll know not to wear this bag while in So Cal in case you're hiding in the bushes or something. :sneaky: Thank you for the compliment! :flowers::love:

    Swanky- thank you!! I'm glad you like it better on! Just sitting there didn't do too much for me either. :wondering

    Yorelica- Thanks! It is $2450 which is a lot to spend on a bag and this is like my 2nd bag over $2000 in past few month. :nuts::shame:
  15. I love this bag, and the purple is fab. But 1 question, is it comfortable when you shoulder carry it, cos from your pic, it seems like this bag is meant more for holding it than carrying it on the shoulder. If you have no concern, then this bag is really a "keeper".:yes: