New purple/black cherry vernis color

  1. I was reading about this new vernis color :love: in another thread, did a search but didn't come up with substantial results.
    Does anyone know if that color will be available soon, and what it will look like? Will it replace pomme d'amour?:wtf: Does anyone have pics? TIA! ;)
  2. Think it's call amarante(?) probably not out till fall. All Vernis colors are seasonal so nothing is really replaced.
  3. Pics? Anyone???
  4. No pics yet. Not very many SAs even know what exactly the colour is.
  5. i thought it was suppose to be a purple color? huh...:confused1:
  6. ^^ Isn't that what the OP said? :confused1:
  7. whoops :shame: didn't read properly heh.. i thought it would be JUST purple...rather than red...
  8. It's a really dark shimmery purple/mauve. If you look at the new accessories book, they have the Inclusions pictured in this color (amarante).
  9. I asked my SA about this new Vernis color a couple of days ago and she had no idea about it, but said would keep a lookout for the Brentwood for me. Can't wait for this new color!!!
  10. I can't wait to see it!! :yes:
  11. I tried to find the amarante color(on inclusion ring) from, the picture didn't show up. :shrugs:
  12. Yeah it'll probably show up in the next couple of months since it's coming out in June :yes:
  13. i cant WAIT to see the amarante inclusion!
  14. This color sounds gorgeous! I may have to hold out for that color for a cles! Do they change cles prices w/ea new season, or do they remain the same, for the most part?
  15. Hmmmm...I might see a Roxbury in this color in my near future LOL