New purchases!!!

  1. New purchases but no pics yet

    signature stripe book tote in chestnut (still debating if i should exchange it for the parchment!!!

    samantha sunglasses in brown

    small C agenda

  2. oh and how can i forget the chestnut sneakers to match my bag!!!
  3. congrats! pics! =)
  4. Congrats!! I can't wait to see pics.
  5. congrats!! pics please!
  6. Here Are The Pics!!! Hope you like :yahoo:
    pics 1.JPG pics 2.JPG pics3.JPG
  7. Congrats!!! Everything looks gorgeous! I'm in love with your sunnies!!! Beautiful!:heart:
  8. hehehe thanks you!
  9. LOVE the bag...and the shoes are adorable!!!
  10. love the bag especiallly! making me feel like getting one ...=)
  11. Ohhhh!!! I love your bag!!!!! It's gorgeous!! :heart: :yes:
  12. Congrats! I am glad you went with the chestnut, I think it will wear really well!
  13. Love everything!
  14. Sweet....:yes:
  15. thanks guys! i love everything :smile:

    im still debating on the person the parchment looks beautiful too...

    but let me tell u its a great bag fits so much!
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