New purchases

  1. somehow...what I THOUGHT this scarf would look like and what it ACTUALLY looks like...two very different things....the more purple than ivory.... It didn't look that purple online.... Its so cute still...but I'm not sure it will go with much that I wear. The BROWN scarf is a extra long skinny even a bigger gal like myself can wear it as a BELT! Yeah!

    (the first photo is coach's stock photo of the scarf...second are my actual new scarves).
    98035_d2.jpg 2.jpg
  2. Congrats shellbell! I have that purple on in blue. I love it!
  3. Thanks! I think its cute...its just it should be called "PURPLE" not "IVORY". I'm headed back down your way tomorrow night as I have a seminar in Baltimore...need to stop at Towson and pick up my altered pants from Nordies....may return the purple scarf while I'm there...just not sure (as cute as it is) I'll use it enough! If I do return it ... it will only be the SECOND time in my whole collection that I've returned something will be a big step for me! My store in California always used to try and get me to order in the stuff they didn't have and day "you can bring it back"...but I was like "I know myself...i WON'T bring it back if I'm not crazy about no order!"
  4. ^^^Yea, I'm not seeing too much ivory. I think purple when I see it. You definitely should return it if it's not something you're going to use.
  5. I think the purple is cute! But it's definately purple. :biggrin:
  6. Its super cute...but I got the "ivory" because I didn't think I had enought to match the blue.....I probably have more to match the blue than I do this purple ivory!!!!
  7. I'm surprised that it looks so lilac-y when it's supposed to be ivory. Disappointing... :sad: It's still very cute though!
  8. both are adorable, i was thinking of getting one of those, but do you think theres too many sequins?
  9. Nope...I think its just the right amount of sequins and embellishments....
  10. Very cute - but I agree with you. There simply isnt that much you can match with purple. The blue would be much more versatile.
  11. I love the brown one! I want one just like it.
  12. congrats on the brown one :yahoo: its such a lovely warm yummy caramel mocha color that would be :jammin: for fall!!!
    and good luck with the return dear.. keep us posted :flowers:
    edit: if any of my color describtion didnt matcth.. plz execuse me.. i have been well known with problems in describing colors! and have been accused once of being color blind :crybaby::shrugs:
  13. It went back today...the girls in the store agreed with me that it shouldn't be called IVORY...since only a little tiny bit of its ivory. I think the blue is beautiful too...but I wear almost all black...and just more recently more the blue probably wouldn't get used anymore than the "ivory".

    I tried to get them to show me the "look book" everyone is talking about with all the gorgeous October releases and they wouldn' their defense it was my first time in that particular store...but still! They told me how amazing it is and wouldn't show me!!!
  14. ^^^did you go to Towson?
  15. Yup...picked up my pants, returned my scarf, looked quickly at the rack (no good coach deals this time) and then spotted some must have PJs on the way out (they had shoes and purses on them and said something like "never enough").

    Now I'm chilling at my hotel downtown for the night.