New Purchases

  1. So this is my first thread, so be nice. But Im so excited because I'm a shopoholic and boughten too many things within the last week.

    I bought:
    • Teddy Bear Broach picking it up tommrow
    • Panda Cles shipped from Denver, Co will receive sometime this week or beginning of next (from 866 thanks to mmcgurgan)
    • A new Wapity monogram picking up tomorrow...hopefully they heat stamped it with the letter C (thanks hikau for buying it for me, best cousin :heart: :yahoo: )
    When I go to the store tommrow:

    I might consider getting:
    • Papillion 19
    • Denim Case Pm
    Pics will be up tomorrow night ;) so stayed tune
  2. Welcome to the forum! Those are great purchases! Can't wait to see pics!
  3. Welcome :flowers:
  4. Hi and welcome to the pf. Nice purchases.
  5. welcome to the forum, and great purchases! im excited for the pictures!
  6. Hi there, congrats on your goodies!
  7. yes great purchase for me..... i am spreading wapity love=)
  8. whoohoo! welcome, and great buys!
  9. Welcome and you've bought some great items!
    You'll LOVE your wapity.
  10. Welcome and enjoy.
  11. Great purchases!!!
  12. Welcome!! Can't wait to see your pics!
  13. Welcome to the forum!:yahoo: Congrats on your new purchases! I've got all three of the items you just bought, and they are all so cute!
  14. Welcome! Great choices, can't wait to see the photos! Congrats & Enjoy!!
  15. Can't wait to see the pics and I have to say that is just the CUTEST dog in your avatar!!!