New Purchases

  1. Today i made a detour while driving and went to Holt Renfrew.
    Here are my latest purchases.

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Oh No how come they are not working?
  4. Congrats anyway but we can't see pics darling...if you could just describe at least..
    oh my god everybody's shopping...I'm so jealous...
  5. :yahoo: Congrats!! Nice loot :drool: :heart: Damier:heart:
  6. OMG now I saw the LIGHT!!!
    Congrats on everyhting...where to start....I'm still blinking lol!!!
    Be happy with the new treasures and wear them in good health..
    Love the bandeau...
  7. Wow! That pomme is so strikingly gorgeous! I love it, I'm so jealous! Congrats!
  8. I LOVE the Broadway!
  9. wow great haul almost something from every line very cute!
  10. The Pomme is stunning!
  11. Beautiful! Darling choices :smile:
  12. Congrats, love the MC and Pomme!
  13. congrats, love the agenda! and everything else.
  14. Wow, what a nice haul. Love the new Pomme. Congrats
  15. Love the pomme! Great detour!