New Purchases...

  1. So yesterday I made my way to Woodbury Commons and they did have some legacy pieces. I have wanted a white legacy bag for the longest and I fell in love when I saw this! They didn't have any white wallets this time, so I got this checkbook wallet because I have always wanted a bigger wallet for my checkbook. I fell in love.

    I think I need to be banned because I got 4 new bags, 2 wallets, 2 wristlets and a keyfob in the month of December :push: LOL. My addiction is getting worse! GAH! At least two of the bags & the keyfob were gifts LOL.

    Here are pics...
    DSCF6004x.jpg DSCF6005x.jpg DSCF6006x.jpg DSCF6007x.jpg DSCF6009x.jpg
  2. Great finds on top of being beautiful!:yes:
  3. Great choice! I love the Legacy leather shoulder zip bag. It's one of my favorite bags. I've been "collecting" them in every color, hehe. It looks beautiful in white! :yes:
  4. They had a nice selection of the white legacy when I was in Woodbury last week, congrats on scoring a beautiful bag! I bought that in black & whiskey there actually. Love the wallet too - enjoy your new goodies :tup:
  5. Thanks, they actually had that bag in whiskey as well but they were all beat up a lot. I wasn't going to buy a bag with tons of scratches all over them. The black section was pretty picked dry. I am pretty happy, tho!
  6. Adorable bag!
  7. You're welcome! It's such a great little bag :yes:

    I got the whiskey the day after Xmas & fortunately it was in good shape. And the black a few days before. But some of them were totally messed up - I wouldn't buy them no matter the discount!
  8. white leather is says class! nice finds
  9. I really like the white leather bag. I agree, very classy.
  10. I love the white leather legacy pieces, they are gorgeous! I'm waiting for my white bag to arrive. Love your purchases!
  11. That was a smart choice to get that size in legacy leather. It looks like you would have less chance of color transfer. That bag is very beautiful !
  12. Love the bag! Congrats on your purchases!!
  13. OMG!!!! Love Everything!!!! Congrats!!!
  14. Great find! The color is amazing and the shoulder zip is a great size!
  15. Awesome... congrat's on such great finds.