New purchases: Use them right away or sit and wait?


How soon do you use your new bag?


  2. When the time is right.

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  1. I'm curious...when you get a new bag, do you use it right away, or do you let it sit and admire it from afar until the right occasion comes along for its debut? Me? I have no patience. I've been known to use a bag the VERY DAY that I get it. I'd like to know what everyone else does.
  2. If I don't carry it right away, I def try it on as soon as I get it!
  4. I use it asap
  5. I always wear them the next day, or within the week.
  6. As soon as I possibly can!
  7. Depends. If it's a really expensive bag that I've lusted after for ages I like to let it 'sit' for a while and admire it! Other bags that are intended for everyday use and I haven't broken the bank for I'll use straight away!
  8. I have a few bags that I haven't taken the tags off, maybe because I'm intimidated. I find if this happens, then I have to sell the bag because I'll never bring myself to use it.
  9. Asap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. When the time is right (though I'll try to carry it as soon as I can). I'm painting apartments at work during the summer, so there's no way I'm going to bring a nice new bag with me and risk damaging it.
  11. I buy and put them in my closet until the time is right. Usually because I buy on sale and stash them away. There are a few that still haven't been used after a year.
  12. I typically use them right away! I've only purchased 1 bag that I'm scared to use because it was expensive and gets dirty very easily - I'll never do that again! If I won't use a bag or am too nervous about babying it, I won't buy it.
  13. I most generally use my bag the same or next day. Sometimes, I even change out bags in the parking lot. I think that would constitute ASAP!!
  14. I have one I got Saturday, but haven't switched it yet. I tend to wait a little while.
  15. It depends. If it's a reasonably inexpensive bag, I use it right away. If it's an expensive bag, I put it on my dresser and ponder for days and days and days until either my guilt subsides or I surrender and return it! Same with shoes and clothes.