new purchases! some new party dresses!!

  1. Soooooo, the Christmas party season is coming up, and I have a few different places to go, so did not want to splash out too much on just one dress, so went for a couple with abit of colour to them, a nice change from the trusty old little black dress.

    What do you think of my new things :graucho:
    and anybody else thinking of xmas party pieces.

    Matthew Williamson Limited Edition silk dress

    Little Gold Dress

    both of these I thought I could wear with thick black tights and my platforms for dress down, or with sandals to dress them up :smile:

    Managed to get a Viktor & Rolf Trench to wear over the top of this one

    and a cute little sparkly purse that Claudia Schieffer has designed for Accessorise


    Did I do good ;)
  2. the trench is stunning:yes:
  3. B-E-A-UUUTIFUL!!! Great picks...putting me in a dress up party mode already!!! :drinkup: :choochoo: :happydance:
  4. I love the green dress, great purchases!
  5. I had no idea Claudia Schiffer had a collection for Accessorize! love it all
  6. :nuts: Look at that green dress! I love it! :love:
  7. CB~ I love it all.... I like the versatility. good job!
  8. Love them all
  9. Wow!! Great taste!! I would wear all of it! You did very well.
  10. Stunning....
    Love the trench and the gold dress
  11. Gorgeous! Love them all! :yes:
  12. Cute!
  13. I like the gold dress.... :heart: where did u buy it?... I was looking for something like that dress....
  14. Love that gold dress!

    I :heart: IT!