**new purchases--pics inside!**

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  1. so i'm officially done shopping and putting myself on a purse ban!

    but cyber thursday called me and i had to get these!!

    --Damier Chelsea...I don't even want to take the plastic off!!

    --Damier Pochette and Antigua Plate PM

    It's great to get cash back via ******, but FedEx SUCKS!!:yucky: These fools left my order on my front door ALL DAY LONG! When I saw the signature info via the tracking page, it was obivious that those lazy bastards signed for it, since they only used my first initial and last name. :cursing:
  2. I hear ya about FedEx. congrats on your purchase!
  3. Such a nice bag!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

    I have the Chelsea...Im using it today as a matter a fact and I really love it!!!!
  4. Congratulations! Model the Chelsea!!!!!
  5. Congrats on your purchase, love all your new goodies!
    I hate Fedex..
  6. CONGRATS!!!!! :yahoo:

    I want a Damier Azur pochette

    Can you post a pic modeling the Chelsea??:yes:
  7. Congrats! Love all your LVs!

    Yup, FedEx is horrible.
  8. Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  9. i love your new things, especially the damier pochette. congrats!
  10. Nice loot! Enjoy all your new goodies!
  11. love love love it!
  12. wow!! congrats!
  13. Love your purchases! :love: Enjoy everything!:yahoo:
  14. Ooohh! Nice! I would love to see that tote bag modeled!! Congrats on your new goodies!!! :smile:
  15. Grat buys Congrat's.

    FED-EX, i'd be reporting them to head office and Elux. If that package went missing you would be out that stuff until you could prove you didnt sign.. :crybaby: I'd be on head office about them.
    Isnt forgery a criminal offence?