New purchases!!!! Now I dunno, buyers remorse!

  1. Hey everyone. I snuck down to the COACH boutique today. This is what I got

    Heritage Stripe Medium Tote #11350 (khaki/pink)
    Heritage Stripe Beauty Case #41116 (khaki/pink)
    Heritage Mini Skinny #41157 (khaki/pink)
    Hampton Leather Signature Mini Skinny #40152 (black)
    Trigger in Mohagony/Silver

    Now after seeing the tote pics on the ther thread I am thinking I should have gotten the small.

    My ideal bag is another Large Soho Hobo in Black #10576
    Or the Soho Large Flap in Black #10578

    Prblem is these can't be ordered and there is not any on eBay. I am thinking it stupid to spend all this money just to have a bag in pink ya know? Any advice?
  2. If you aren't loving everything you got then I'd take it back. That's a lot of money to spend and not be happy.
  3. Get a different color bag and add a pink scarf as an accent and carry pink accessories.
  4. I know I will definately keep the black mini (I need that for my carly demi), and the trigger is for my mom. I wish I could have gotten one of the sohos. I am really worried about the size of the medium, and it being too big. They said if I dont like it to bring it back for the small. but I am worried that would be to small. I guess I will just have to wait and see.
  5. I think its tough ordering before you see these things. I just ordered something myself and have had second thoughts...I will decide when it arrives.
  6. If you don't really love it, take em all back, or maybe keep the accessories so you still have some nice pink inside your bag!
  7. have you tried an outlet? that is where i got my large soho flap! they always have them!
  8. OMG!!!! Congrats!!!
  9. congrats on all the goodies, but i agree with everyone ... if you arent loving it then take it back.

    having the basic colors; brown or black...then accesserize with color may make you happier, then it doesnt limit you to carrying the bag just once in a whilen or being too "pink". makes it more practical.

    besides who can go wrong with colored accessories... haha wait...dont quote me on that.