New Purchases-I'm on a Murakami kick!

  1. The picture on the left are my new purchases and the picture on the right is with my eye miss you bag (bought last year)...I also have a cherry blossom cles coming in a few days. I don't know why I suddenly became obsessed with these!
    SANY0112.JPG SANY0111.JPG
  2. Ha congrats Love the Panda hes too cute :yes:
  3. :nuts: Congrats!!
  4. The Eye Miss You is stunning!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congratulations.
  7. I have never seen that left blossom bag before!!!!
    Really cute!
  8. LOVELY cute new pieces!!! :drool:
  9. What a beautiful collection! I also love Murakami so I totally understand your inclination to buy these items, they are so unique and special. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Very cute!
  11. Oooh stunning! I haven't seen the CB on the left. But all of them are gorgeous!
  12. Awesome stuff, I love it!
  13. ooh i love the cherry blossom and eye miss you. Murakami designs are SO cute!!
  14. congrats !! i :heart: murakami's designs !!
  15. Adorable! Love them all!