new purchases from tiffany

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  1. picked these up yesterday...

  2. Very cute.
  3. v nice
  4. Nice!
    Is the square F. Gehry torque? It looks like it would be a great piece to play with!
  5. lovely ... i love the RTT heart range ...
  6. thanks everyone for the sweet comments!
  7. Very cute purchases!
  8. YAY! your Tiffany collection is growing. I love it when you make new purchases!!! :heart:

    i really adore your username btw, it's just so distinctive...haha, i guess b/c i'm another 'jay' representin over here too.
  9. thanks aqua... my tiff collection is not even close to where yours is... someday... :girlsigh:
  10. Beautiful. I am on trying to choose a necklace for my daughter's bday and the one on the right is in my cart. So pretty!
  11. I love the square...seems like there would so many ways to wear it. Congrats!