New purchases from flagship store but in 2 minds now

  1. Thank you Chi town Chanel! Yeah, the black one has the black bow, that's why I picked this one. The colour contrast here is really pretty. The bow and colour combination is just so Chanel! So hard to resist!
  2. great bracelet! stunning clutch! i've never seen this ~ just lovely!
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. that's tough... the blush tone of the nude is amazing! and like you said, the combo is very chanel :smile: it may be more likely to get dirty with heavy use-- but then again, how intensely will you use the clutch? just dinners out? if so i doubt you will have issues.

    also-- can you comment on the bracelet fitment? i was eager about the similar style that was 3 stacking bangles (same theme) but they were enormous on me, and i don't have a abnormally small wrist. is this one large on you too? or does it fit comfortably? maybe this style would be better for me too!! :yahoo:
  5. Love love love the clutch! Keep it. It is unique and pops! The black will not have the same effect.

    I wouldn't worry about dirt. I have white, pink, and yellow bags and they are fine.

    Love the bag! Wow!
  6. Wow. Great pieces. I love both the bracelet and the clutch.
  7. Love them both, Congrats
  8. omggggg im in love!!!!
  9. Love the clutch, nice bracelet too! Congrats
  10. Gorgeous bracelet and clutch. I especially love the clutch with the colour contrast. As willeyi has mentioned, it might not catch as much attention if it was all black and not as versatile. Good luck in your final decision :smile:
  11. That clutch is super cute!
  12. That clutch is too gorgeous to let go! I love it. How much did it cost if you don't mind?
  13. the bracelet is awsome.. will you post a modling pic?? how much does it cost you (if you dont mind me asking)... as for the clutch.. it is so speical.. i wont exchange it for the black.. as I bet it wont stand out as much as the one you got right now.. ;)
  14. Pretty clutch! Have you tried waterproofing your lambskins? I use Collonil nanospray on my lambskin purses and it has helped to also keep stains away. No change to the texture and feel of the leather.
  15. It's such a pretty clutch. I would keep it, love the contrast of the black bow and the beige. It makes the bag stand out even more. It's definitely a bag you'll get lots of compliments on. Could I please ask how much you paid for it?