New purchases..Coach Rebecca Minkoff HH Botkier and more

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  1. gee. im kind of mortified at myself LOL
    newbags 009_320x240.jpg newbags 040_320x240.jpg newbags 042_320x240.jpg newbags 050_320x240.jpg newbags 053_320x240.jpg
  2. More mortification
    newbags 055_320x240.jpg 0afc_12_320x240.JPG 1377_12.JPG BOTK-WY31_V1_320x240.jpg newbags 035.jpg
  3. PS: The Cherry Botkier and MBMJ Teri in Cordovan are stock pics from Active Endeavors(?) and Zappos, respectively...not ones I took. i do own the bags though, and loveeeee both. Both are gorgeous hues of red. The Teri is super cute and super soft! PM me if you want more pics!
  4. You may be mortified but I'm seriously envious! The red bags are gorgeous and I love how soft MbyMJ bags are. The brown RM is also quite lovely!
  5. Love the purple Gaza!!
  6. Thank you! I love em if only i wasnt broke!
  7. is that a hh mercer clutch? i was wondering about that bag- do you think its a good going out bag?
  8. WOWOWOW!!! enjoy!!!!
  9. I'm so jealous! In how much time did you get all those! They're beautiful. Which is your favorite?
  10. Oh foxi, they are just great. You have excellent taste. I really love the Gaza and the, well, actually, I like them all!! Enjoy!
  11. I'm sorry, in my haste I forgot to mention- I LOVE THEM!!! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  12. All gorgeous! I love tPF up on your laptop in the background...very fitting.
  13. Man! Those are all so great and you are set for fall colors. I think I want to hang out at your house.
  14. What is the blue one in the first post - I LOVE IT!!!!

  15. I guess if you had to choose one to sell, it would be the Botkier - I need to try one of those bags out one day. Botkier seems like a real good brand. Are you keeping the rest or they going to fund school?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.