New Purchases: Bags, Shoes, and wallets!

  1. I have been shopping like crazy the past 2 monthes, but wasn't able to post pics, but here they are. The white alma you all voted on for me to purchase. The Love sandals, the BH Dentelle, my Beverly which you all have already seen, sunnies, and pomme wallet and agenda. Sorry to post the collection, but I've been so excited to post these pics!!! Thanks for joining me in my excitement.
  2. Gorgeous! The BH Dentelle is stunning!
  3. Wow !! you got some nice goodies !!! Congrats !!
  4. Some haul- Love all your new LV items!
  5. WOW!:drool:...lovely taste and congrats!
  6. congrats on all your goodies!!
  7. Congrats!!
  8. Congrats on your new purchases!!
  9. everything is gorgeous!
  10. Wow, that's a great a collection. I love everything!:yahoo:
  11. WOW! Gorgeous pieces.
  12. Wow! All those goodies:nuts:Congrats!
  13. everything is so pretty - congrats!!!
  14. You've done really well! Congrats!
  15. Everything is beautiful! You've got excellent taste! BTW your little Doggy (?) in your avatar is adorable! :yes: