new purchases anyone?

  1. it feels like wev been locked out of the forum for ages!!!!!!!
    anyone buy anything LV over the lock out?
    iv spent all of the time i normaly spend on here on the LV site but managed to resist temptation, god only knows how
  2. lol... it was just one day, wasn't it? But yeah, it felt like ages........ I did bought two new items :shame: But they aren't here yet, will post pix when they arrive :love:
  3. Not me but my BF thread coming soon
  4. I was recently up in NYC and purchased the Etoile bandeau in gray. The Dallas area didn't have any of them, so I went all the way tp NYC to get one!! Nah, I was up there with friends. =) Im kicking myself, I should have bought the pink one too!
  5. I ordered a gold pap right before the shutdown, and I think I'm ordering a plum le tal today :p
  6. ^ Haha. The enablers are back :graucho:
  7. Nope not me, just enjoying my Keepall 55 that arrived yesterday - but you all already knew that!!
  8. I'm going to order those accessories that I keep putting off!
  9. I'm expecting a couple of items to come by this weekend from Louis Vuitton. :yahoo:
  10. haha, I did...:shame:
    Piccies in a few hrs :smile:
  11. Yup. Picked up a Damier Azur Pochette Accessories and a Jack & Lucie key ring in brown.

    Am so glad the sub-forum is back! :yahoo:
  12. I ordered the Ludlow in vernis pomme color--I bought the agenda in framboise last month and fell in love with the vernis but really wanted something in pomme color and I got the last one when I place the order, but I am sure they are back in stock on Elux. It seems like Elux is getting more stock in. I keep thinking of the reade PM in pomme but don't know about the size of the bag.
    Too many enablers here.......I see too many things that I haven't really thought about before, then I keep seeing all the beautiful pictures.....
  13. not yet... my next purchase is on friday!!
  14. Me too!! I guess I was suffering from LV Purse Forum withdrawal :roflmfao: and just HAD to go shopping. Pictures soon... have to go to sleep first! Too tired... :sleepy:
  15. ^^^^

    I think it was a "withdrawl" because since it was shut down, I was bored!

    And there was no where else to go but the LV Boutique (okay, not really but .... it was a good enough excuse for me). :p