New Purchases 9/28

  1. So FedEx just came, and I got my new stuff. I am totally taking back the large bleeker duffle. I do not like the style at all and it's VERY stiff. But I am very happy with everything else that came!!!!

    Now I'm just waiting on my tattersall wristlet from macy's to arrive!!


    I'll try to get some modeling pics up but i'm still in pj's and theres no way I'm meeting the camera just yet lol

  2. omg, your doggers are ADORABLE!

    love the tattersall lining in the wallet!
  3. I love the keyfob and charm, and sorry you don't like your bleeker. ah well.
  4. I love the keychains!! Sorry about your it really big too?

  5. It's not too big, i forgot I didn't get the large but it just doesn't feel right on the body and it's such an odd shape, and stiff as all heck, i felt like i was holding cardboard on my shoulder. ahhh well I should have followed my gut, i knew i really wouldn't like the bleecker collection. I'll find something at the store, I always do :smile: hence why I have such an addiction lol!!!
  6. SAME HERE!!! I bought the same duffle in the chocolate signature before it was released! At FIRST, I liked it....but after modelling it around my house for a week, I didnt like it AT ALL either!!!! In addition to everything you said about it, I found it to be VERY PLAIN, and not exciting at all!!!! I KNOW you will find something you love at the boutique!!! Keep us posted!!! Good luck and have fun shopping!!! ;)
  7. i loveeee that wallet! the blue interior is so different and pretty! and the charms are way cute. i dont have any yet but im going to have to get some!
  8. Sorry, but that pic of your puppies it too freaking adorable!!! Nic Coach too, btw!
  9. I'm not a Bleeker fan either but I totally LOVE your other Coach things!!!
  10. Great stuff. I like the looks of that bleeker but haven't seen it irl. LOVE the shot of your puppies, so cute.
  11. Sorry you don't love your bleeker duffle...oh well you will find something else! I LOVE LOVE LOVE every thing else! That wallet is TDF! And all the accessories are adorable too!!!

    Side note: you and bravorodrig, have the CUTEST puppies ever!!! :tender:
  12. great buys, congrats.
  13. cute stuff, i cannot wait for your tattersall wristlet to come in and to see pics! i love the tattersall pattern, so gorgeous!
  14. Not loving Bleecker but totally into that mini skinny! Gorgeous!
  15. Nice! The heart charm is super cute.