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  1. Received my new wallet a couple of days ago. Oh my god, the smell of the leather.... it's to die for! I can't stop smelling it.

    I'm considering buying a pochette to use as a clutch. I could store my wallet, mobile phone and other bits. However I'm a guy and I'm just wondering if it'll be suitable for men to use as a clutch? I would take off the strap.

    One more thing, it's a long shot but would LV sell the monogram canvas on its own? Like, I tell them how big a canvas I want and they sell it to me. Just pure monogram canvas.

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  2. Congrats! It's a great wallet! I love the smell of new bags and slg's also. As far as LV selling canvas on its own, there is NO way they would do that as they wouldn't wants someone to make fake bags or slg's. Enjoy your wallet!
  3. Thanks! :biggrin: So basically, the only way to get a piece of monogram canvas is to buy the largest monogram bag and deconstruct it?

    I'm creating a piece of art work and would really like to incorporate the monogram canvas but there's no way I would create a fake version of it, I want the genuine canvas.
  4. Congrats on your wallet. You. Can buy and old and beat up bag from eBay and use the canvas for your art project.
  5. Love it! Congrats!!! And enjoy that new smell!!!
  6. Congrats! I actually sadly lost mine and I plan on replacing it, its such a great piece to have.

  7. Congrats!! Enjoy!
  8. Congrats to this wallet. :smile:
  9. Lovely wallet, congrats!
  10. cute wallet, congrats!
  11. ^ Good idea.
  12. Congrats! really nice!!
  13. Get a old old neverfull from eBay some of them are being beat up quite badly . Would like to see your art project
  14. Congrats on your new wallet. I really don't see an issue buying a pochette to use as a clutch. Are you wanting the pochette to be in monogram, DE, or epi? For a little more you could get the pochette in epi and it may not stand out as much if that's what you were referring to? Either way I don't see anything wrong with a guy using a clutch. The others have already answered your questions about out right buying a piece of canvas and also great ideas about buying a preloved NF.
  15. Wait, what wallet is this? Is it the pocket organizer?? TIA. It looks great, btw.
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