New purchase!

  1. Hey everyone

    I'm waiting for my new bag to come in .. my mom picked it up from the post office and is bringing to my job..I should have it within an hour or two...:yahoo: :yahoo:

    Any guesses?

    1) it's from my favorite line
    2) it could be worn on the shoulder

    I'm so excited!:yes: :yes:
  2. oooooh..i'm going to guess a BH
  3. Hhmmm, Saleya MM :confused1:
  4. Lh
  5. ...nope nope and nope..
  6. I was going to say BH... hmmmm can a Manhattan GM be worn on the shoulder?
  7. Lh.
  8. So excited! She's here.. I'm going to pick it up right now

    and nope, not a Manhattan but that is on my wishlist!
  9. speedy of course!!!
  10. My new baby!
  11. :confused1::confused1:

    2) it could be worn on the shoulder

  12. congrats! lovely purchase!!
  13. Congrats!!
  14. Congrats!
  15. What a great bag, dressy & casual both. I love the sheen epi gets after a few wearings, enjoy that baby!!