New Purchase tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  1. I will make a new purchase for Brushes this week.

    I wear liquid foundation, blush, eyeshadow,lipgoss, and lipstick every once and a while.

    Tell me which brushes to purchase, I was just looking on the Mac site and there are several brushes?????????

    I just need to start with, foundation, blush and eye. :shame:
  2. For a face brush, get the 187!! It works for powder & liquid foundation, and blush! I dont know about eye brushes ;] If you want two seperate brushes get the 190 for liquid & cream foundation, and the 187 for blushes.
  3. wait.. just a question out of curiosity for reynald0C, are you a MUA?
  4. The 187 and 190 are two of my favorties for foundation, powders, and blushes. For eyeshadows, I like the goat hair brushes. They are so soft and pick up the eyeshadow really well. The 239 is great for all-over color, my favorites for crease color are the 222 or 272, and the 219 is great for putting shadow on as a liner and smudging.

    Have fun at the MAC counter/store.
  5. Haha no but maybe in the future. Im on forums like Specktra, which is like a MAC resource, and I read all these things, then try them out myself to see if it really works. If it does I suggest it to people who need help, if it doesnt, I tell them straight out. :graucho:

    All my friends, and my sister come to me and ask me all these things about make up. The only think im bad at is actually applying make up hahaha. Like I know how to place different colored eyeshadows in my head, but when I actually try doing it -- It comes out bad. So, when me and my friend go MAC shopping I tell our MA how to put the eyeshadows -- Sounds bossy, but my friend & MA love how it turns out.
  6. Hi, there! MAC #219 is a great brush. It's made of goat hair and its tapered so for precision eye shadow work. Stila makes good brushes, too--love #8 powder brush and the #5 eyeshadow brush. A nice fan brush is good for application of really pigmented blushes(really good for those intense highly pigmented Shu and Nars), and Px makes a good foundation brush. Its around $38/35, but worth it, imho. Kevin Aucoin also makes an amazing powder brush as does Scott Barnes(sooo soft and fluffy!).
  7. Thanks!