New purchase - Tom Ford collection bag

  1. This actually was an impulse purchase (from eBay)!
  2. Very NICE!
  3. Congrats! Great bag!
  4. Wow...nice bag! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Very Cute!!! Very, Very Cute...ummm, what it it( I'm a gucci newbie!).
  6. all i can say
  7. that is a WOW alright!! Congratulations!! :balloon:
  8. OMG...that's such a gorgeous bag...congratulations. I bought an evening bag from that collection, the strap broke the very first time I used it, and I was so mad that I took my money back instead of having the store repair it for me..I sooooooo regret it!!! It's beatiful, what an impulse buy!!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. What color is the leather? I love it. That's a beauty. Good old eBay....there when you want it!!!! I just bought a bag on there yesterday. Not a Gucci, just a small Chanel. But your Gucci is really elegant.
  11. Congrats! It's gorgeous :drool:
  12. This bag is TDF!!!!!!!!!! Simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love:

    Congrats!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. darling handbag!
  14. wow, i love it! so gorgeous!! :drool:
  15. i heart tom ford. bag is super sexy!