new purchase today

  1. I went to LV today with the intention of getting the new monogram messenger bag, but I ended up getting the white multicolore trouville instead... lol

    Surprisingly, the bf said I made a good choice!

    I love it so much! It looks so blingin'... can't wait to use it!
    I'm paranoid about the handles turning black & stuff though... I'm gonna be babying this bag so much!

    I'll post pics later... I'm too excited right now! ha ha
  2. Awww, pretty bag.
    Congratulations & enjoy!!
  3. congratulation on your new bag!!!
  4. Pics please!
  5. Congrats and post pics!!
  6. okay okay, I finally went to go get the camera!
    I'm so happy!!!
    LV.JPG LVwhite.JPG
  7. Gongratulations!!
  8. Congrats!!!!:yahoo: Looks lovely...:love: ENJOY!!!
  9. I love the MC trouville. Congrats!
  10. love the MC trouville. i think its such a beauty!
  11. Very very nice! Congrats!!!!!
  12. Congratulations!!!
  13. Congrats!!! :yahoo::heart:
  14. lovely!! congrats!!
  15. What a beauty! I am seriously considering picking this one up soon. Do you guys think the MC is easy to pull off? The only thing detracting me is the flashiness. I bought a MC speedy a few years ago when it was still a pretty new line. Unfortunately it turned out to be a horrible fake....since then I lost interest in the line but you guys have revived it again!
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