New purchase - Roxbury Drive in Indigo!

  1. It's so pretty, I love it...
  2. wow gorgeous, congrats!!
  3. *picks self up from floor* :drool: SO PRETTY!! congrats!
  4. gorgeous bag! congrats :nuts:
  5. Wow you've been busy another great bag
  6. Gorgeous, indigo is such a great color.
  7. Congratulations. Enjoy!
  8. wooohoooo! Its gorgeous! Congrats! x
  9. Where the HECK did you find that?!

    Omg................. *dies*
  10. omg!!! where did u find it?!?!?!??!? it's gorgeous!
  11. Gorgeous....

    Congrats!! ;)
  12. Gorgeous :nuts: Congrats :nuts:
  13. eBay, of course! Thank you, it's really a beautiful bag!
  14. Oh wow, stunning! Congrats!
  15. Very nice :yes: