New Purchase *PICS*

  1. I picked up a little something yesterday at NM. It's a RED lambskin timeless clutch. :yahoo: I love it! The color in the pictures isn't quite right. I'll try to get some pictures in the sunlight this weekend.
    clutch1.jpg clutch2.jpg
  2. wow!!i love them both....:love:
    the clutch is to die for!!!!!
  3. Lovely! Thanks for sharing the pics! You must be so thrilled... the lambskin is sooooo soft!
  4. love it!! :smile: congrats!
  5. I love red. Beautiful bag.
  6. WOW! Amazing bag. The red is stunning!
  7. :nuts: Another red! Both bags are absolutely stunning, along w/your other reds of course. You have exquisite taste! Congrats on your new bags!:heart:
  8. WOW that is gorgeous, if only I could win the lottery tomorrow (it's my birthday too!), I would get one just like yours and one in black satin.
  9. Great choice! I love that clutch.
  10. ohhhh clutch clutch !! i love the the timeless clutch im waiting for mine to get here :girlsigh: gorgeous color :happydance:
  11. beautiful! :love: congrats!:yahoo:
  12. Oh, what a gorgeous bag.
  13. oh that's beautiful. the colour looks so rich and gorgeous! congrats!
  14. I love it! Congrats!
  15. Love The Red Caviar!!!