New purchase on my way to TX

  1. I stopped at the outlet at Lebanon, TN outside of Nashville. Got there later than I wanted (after driving 11 hours) so only had about 20 min to look. Nice store (but 9.25% sales tax :tdown:). I ended up getting another letter charm (so now I have my first and last initial) and a legacy striped framed wristlet which has the navy and rose stripes prominent on the flap. They had no Carly's :sad:. The Legacy stripes are beautiful but I am not sure I am going to keep the wristlet. I bought it knowing I could return it at San Marcos if I go out for the July 4th sale. It's beautiful (I'll take a pic when I can) but I'm not sure it's practical enough for me and I don't have anything that has the striped lining to match it with. I ended up keeping the black leather bag I was on the fence about before but this wristlet actually cost about 8 dollars more than that bag. I could put the 88 towards something else if I ever find something that moves me at an outlet like a CArly!:cry::drool: or something that's a bit more practical...
  2. Wow...a lot of views but no comments. Could anyone who has the legacy framed wristlet comment on how they've liked using it and how clean it's staying?
  3. I don't have that particular legacy wristlet, but I have the framed coin purse wristlet, and it is very easy to care for, as long as you keep it away from things that could snag it. Any dirt wipes clean off, in my experience. If you aren't in love with it though, no sense in spending almost a hundred bucks on it, KWIM?

    Good luck deciding!
  4. I got the regular legacy stripe wristlet and really like it. I know that someone was talking about using the framed wristlet as a wallet. The stripe pattern is very important to me...if looking on eBay I always look for the pink stripe! Enjoy your trip!
  5. i love anything legacy so that wristlet seems like a good deal to me, but don't keep it if you don't like it.

    any pics yet?
  6. I have it I love the look but it's a pain to really use. Because it is made straight (as opposed to having it being 'fatter' on the bottom) it doesn't open up so that you can stick your hand in, you also can't see down into it, so I've been slipping my Ipod in & out of that part. Other than that there are 3 other places you can stick stuff.

    I spent forever picking out the right stripe combination, I Scotchguarded it but I am fearful it will get snagged on something.
  7. I love legacy everything, but if it's not something you love then you should definitely put the money towards something else. $80 can make a nice dent in another purchase.
  8. I'm a huge fan of anything with the legacy stripes, but I don't have this wristlet. I'm not sure, but I think I read somewhere else where someone had said it was a little hard to get into. Either way, if you're not 1000% in love with it don't keep it.
  9. It does seem a little hard to get into. Plus it's an excuse to do the 4 hr drive to the SM outlet this weekend *if* there's going to be a 4th of July sale. I'll try to post pics tonight.
  10. Honestly, I'd return it. From what you've said, you're not crazy about it & $90 is alot of money to spend on something you won't even use!