New Purchase - info? - opinions?

  1. Hello! I'm new to this forum. I was at the Woodbury Common outlets in Monroe, NY yesterday and bought my first Dior bag. I have no idea what it is called or anything about it... Thanks for any information!
  2. Wow, such a nice tote. How much did you pay for this?? I love it. (If you dont mind I ask about the price) THanks.
  3. i think it's cute :smile:
  4. It was $645, it was 50% off....
  5. wow 645. Very nice bag for a very low price.
  6. It is the Lady Dior bag... well, it is from the lady dior line.. but I do not know the exact name either..

    I have the same thing, I got it from the Orlando outlet..
    Hope you love it!!
  7. You have it too? Are you enjoying it?
  8. Great bag and I would love to have one in Pink (if it is available). Congrats!!
  9. i love it, congrats!!
  10. i reckon it should be the lady dior tote or shopper. i think dior made these in several different colours - brown, black, blue, salmon pink, etc.
  11. also green i think
  12. The Woodbury Outlet still have the pink one. Call Maya. She's very nice.