New purchase...having doubts?

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  1. Hello my fellow bag-a-holics! I'm new here but have a nice collection of LV's, Chanel, Jimmy Choo & Fendi so I already feel right at home :biggrin: I bought my first Gucci in Harrod's last week during a vacation overseas...I think I was lured in by the low price and indulgence of being on vaca. I'm now having second thoughts which I HATE with such an expensive purchase! I don't see any postings about this bag, I guess because it's new. I got it for around $1050 and it retails here for $1300 + tax. I'm wondering if my first Gucci should be in leather or a little less flashy in today's economic climate?? It's the techno horsebit medium hobo in canvas. I love the bamboo and the tassels which is why I was drawn to this particular bag. Thoughts??
  2. Ooooh, I love this bag! I think the blue cobalt guccissima version is TDF! I don't think it's flashy at all.

    BUT, if you don't love it, I'd return it and get something you love.

    PS - WELCOME to tPF!
  3. congrats on your new purchase!! I think it will be a good First Gucci bags. However if you don't really like it.. you might want to return it and get something you really like.

    Let's post some modeling pics for us!! Then we can give you more feedback!
  4. Thanks, good idea. I will post some when I get home from work later. FUN! I don't know what's wrong with me. I LOVED it when I bought it and I didn't buy on a whim...I walked away and came back a few hours later. Wish I knew what the hesitation was!!!
  5. YOu are not alone.. I sometimes also doubt or question myself after I bought some items especially when it is expensive hahah.. I guess it is normal.. maybe you just want to make sure you have make the right decision... and don't want to waste the money on something that you will not use at all.
  6. GREAT selection.
  7. Love it, but if you don't get something else. Congrats on your new bag though.
  8. Here are some pics, hope it works! I'm 5'9 (and a brunette with long hair but my hair is back so you can't tell) so I usually carry big bags, this is actually on the smaller side for me, which is totally fine. Eek, I wish I knew what the hesitation was :sad:

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  9. Welcome! Congrats on your first gucci- I am sure there will be many more gucci bags down the road for you! I think it's a very cute bag and looks great on you, but if you're not totally loving it maybe get something that you do love instead? If you are looking for more good deals you may want to check out the outlet thread of what is at the gucci outlets, but outlet stuff is final sale:
  10. Welcome and congrats on your first Gucci! I say if you are not positive you love it then it wasn't meant to be. Sell it and get something you're absolutely in love with!
  11. Let's say I can't return to Harrods b/c I'm now back in the US, what exactly is the best way to sell a brand new bag? I've never sold my bags before. Is ebay the best bet? Would I get close to what I paid for it or will I have to take a big loss?

    Thanks all.
  12. mich I think it looks great on you (as in 10 out of 10) and it's classic GG.

    Are there specific concerns?

    Was it that it just cost more than is usually comfortable for you and now you feel 'oops what have I done?' Those feelings normally go away once you use it and 100 people tell you how much they :heart: your handbag.

    FYI Gucci travellers, even in the UK, anything bought in Selfridges or Harrods have to go back to those stores. Gucci store stuff can't be taken returned to those dept stores either but only to a Gucci store (as in any Gucci store).
  13. Thanks for everyone's support and encouragement! It's not a financial hesitation (although there is always SOME underlying guilt when I make an expensive purchase, but that doesn't last for long b/c it brings me such pleasure LOL).

    First, my sis and I got in a huge fight after I bought it (she was jealous) so I think I'm associating some of her anger with the bag.

    And second, I'm not usually one for flashy logos with the exception of my 2 LV's. With the guccissima leather, the logo is a bit less obvious so that is where my head is at at the moment.

    But I LOVE the shape of this bag and I LOVE the bamboo and tassels. I'm actually leaning more towards keeping it now! LOL
  14. :nuts::yahoo:

    I have a sister too LOL and when no one else notices when I'm wearing something new (inlcluding my mother or BF or gbf) she always does so I so know what you are talking about :coolio:

    You know normally I am not a logo girl myself but I have a couple of mono GG print bags too and really it just becomes a pattern when it's such an old trad print logo like Gucci's.

    Enjoy, and wear with health great happiness - and no anger whatsoever :winkiss:
  15. Thank you papertiger :smile:

    Sister's can be SO difficult. She was supportive in helping me pick it out but then was very angry and jealous afterwards. Not nice! Instead of selling them, I give her all my old bags too that I no longer want!

    Hopefully the logo will grow on me too!