New purchase - Gustto Sabuca, caramel

  1. just bought one today - should be in the mail today. i will post pictures when it comes. in the meantime, does anyone have any complaints or compliments for gustto, in general, or the sabuca, in particular? i find this time between ordering and receiving most nerve racking - i usually spend it "stalking" the bag i just ordered. part of the fun, i guess, though, i do wish i could just find these bags in person and skip all the anxiety.
  2. I don't have any experience with Gustto bags but I love how they look! Have been considering ordering one myself. Please post pics when it comes, would love to see it!
  3. I have two gustto bags and they're great! The leather is very nice! Make sure you post some pics!
  4. got it - will post pictures on monday right before i send it back. definately not worth the $625. rather blah.
  5. here you go. I am not keeping this bag, but someone might like it better than I did. I ordered it at JCMadison - great customer service, fast shipping, and so far, no hassle returns.
    front exterior pocket.jpg front view.jpg interior lining.jpg on.jpg