New purchase from 2020 sale!


Apr 9, 2020
Bought this black bag. So far, my sunglasses and phone fits. I was expecting more stuffs to fit in there. Debating whether to keep it or return it.
Was planning to use it as going out errands everyday bag thats of a good quality so I dont have to buy any bags for the next 5 years.

anyone has had this bag? Did you like it?
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Jul 5, 2016
London, UK
Hello, yes I have recently bought this bag and have used it about twice so far and am really loving it. Like you, mine fits my phone, sunglasses keys and cardholder and can probably fit one or two more small items like a mirror or make-up if I wanted it to. I'm really into small bags at the moment and bought it to use on the weekends and just to carry my daily essentials either on the shoulder or cross-body. The bag's very comfortable to carry either way. If you like it I think you should keep it especially if you got a good deal.