New Purchase - for my neice!

  1. This is what I bought my neice Saturday - she absolutely LOVES it! If they would have had the satchel in pink, I would have bought her that as well.

  2. wow.. you really spoiled your niece :nuts: they're really cute ;)
  3. Aww so cute, how old is she? I am thinking of getting my niece a purse for her b-day in June. She will be 13, but she is a TINY girl. I will probably get her a swingpack or a demi. Lovely set though!!!!
  4. She is 21 and about to graduate college. She's been carrying a really small Coach that she's had since high school - as she'll be starting work soon, she needed a bigger bag.
  5. Will you be my aunt??? lol :lol:
  6. that's a great bag...very practical...she will be one happy neice:tup:
  7. That is such a nice gift! I'm sure she absolutely appreciated everything.

    You're such a nice aunt!
  8. That is so nice, she is going to be very excited !
  9. Excellent choice! What a wonderful aunt you are. By the way, WELCOME TO THE PURSE FORUM!!!:woohoo::nuts:
  10. She already has it - she was with me. And yes, she was VERY excited. Loves, Loves, LOVES it!
  11. Thanks! I've been around a few weeks, just don't post that often - work tends to interfere...

    But I go to my Coach store pretty much every day - make the Macy's/Coach/Nordstrom loop to see what's new, what's cute and what's on sale! haha

    I'm still holding out hope that they make the Madeline just a bit smaller - I ALMOST bought one on Friday, but a twist of fate stopped me.
  12. wow what a sweet aunt!!! :tup:
  13. AWWWWWW...I love that stuff!!!!
  14. Tiki, my daughter is going to be 13 in March and she is a little tiny thing too. We just picked out for her yesterday the Heritage top handle pouch w/the green stripe. Perfect size for her.
  15. I was going to ask the same thing! :wlae: